<p>It may seem a too far fetched promise, but for us, at HTE it is simply our routine job. But what is the secret behind HTE. The answer is quite simple: 30 years of high-level industrial experience. A deeply rooted tradition of industriousness and a practical down-to-earth approach. The motivated and youthful dynamism of our team. The quality of assuming as one&amp;rsquo;s own, the needs and objectives of our customers. Constant innovation and improvement &amp;hellip; and yet still more. This is not our corporate philosophy: it&#39;s our reality.</p>



Thanks to the experience gained in 30 years of presence in the B2B sector of air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and industrial applications in the process industry, HTE stands out as the sole supplier for a full range of products.



<p>Hte products are covering the most important markets for thermoregulation and precision cooling. HTE is a pioneer in the production of dry coolers, air cooled condensers, air coolers, heat pump sections, free cooling systems, heat exchangers, axial fans and many other customized solutions related to the heat exchange and the specific needs of the customer.</p>


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<p>HTE is capable of producing a wide range of heat exchangers related to capacity, size, heat exchange area, weight, shape, construction form, materials, finishing, surface protection treatments, accessories, besides being able to integrate into ventilated units the most advanced systems regulation and control, management and monitoring interfaced to SCADA architectures.</p>



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